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Howard County Faith Communities present: 

Courageous Conversations 

about Race and Religious Bias 



As we engage in Courageous Conversations, we learn from one another through listening to each other’s perspectives about how we are living together through our experiences of race and religious bias.​


The purpose of these conversations is not to persuade, debate, or convince one another of our positions, but to make space for each of us to be heard and to learn about one another, including areas in which we might disagree or hold different views.

Through these conversation circles, we explore how each of us can contribute towards creating a connected community of different people rather than a community that lets different people in. Courageous Conversations are intended to lead to courageous connections and courageous actions.

This project is a continuation and expansion of Courageous Conversations that were held in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021. 

All are welcome, regardless of whether you participated in previous years, and regardless of faith affiliation (including no faith affiliation at all). 


The conversations are based on curriculum originally developed by Essential Partners.   (Find out more on their website: 


Training will be provided for the facilitators of this year's conversation circles to introduce them to the Reflective Structured Dialogue (RSD) approach and to improve individuals' skills in facilitating challenging conversations.  


The small discussion circles will include members of over fifty faith communities and other interested community members. These discussions will be held virtually. 

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